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TRAC is an unincorporated voluntary association that has developed from and around the annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference series held since 1991. The first TRAC conference was held to widen the range of perspectives offered, and voices heard, in Roman archaeology. This was a major success, and TRAC has made a major contribution to research in Roman archaeology over the past 25+ years. Following on from the initial conferences, TRAC continues to organize an annual conference and to produce a publication of selected Proceedings within 12 months. Individual conferences are primarily organized by a Local Organizing Committee with the support of the TRAC Standing Committee and a number of sponsoring organizations. Since the mid-1990s, TRAC has been held – in alternate years – alongside the Roman Archaeology Conference (RAC) organized by the Archaeology Committee of the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies (aka “the Roman Society”).

The next TRAC annual conference, TRAC 2017, will be held in Durham, UK on March 28-31 2017. Click here to go to the TRAC Durham web pages.

Recent Site Updates

  1. Lisa Lodwick

    TRAC 2017 and new TRAC committee

    RAC/TRAC 2016 in Rome has now come to an end. Many thanks to the organisers at the Sapienza, BSR, Roman Society and especially the TRAC local organising committee of Roberta Cascino, Francesco De Stefano, Antonella Lepone, Chiara Maria Marchetti and Jeremia Pelgrom for organising a brilliant conference. Check out the storify of the conference to get an insight on the range of papers presented. At the TRAC AGM in Rome, teams from Durham, Edinburgh and Southampton all put forward bids to host TRAC 2017. After a close vote, Durham were the winners and will be hosting the 27th Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference next spring. Three new members were elected to the standing committee which oversees the running of TRAC. The committee now consisists of: Matthew Mandich (chair) Lisa Lodwick (vice-chair) Thomas Derrick (secretary) Sergio Gonzalez Sanchez (treasurer) Roberta Cascino (local committee member) Emily Hanscam...
  2. Lisa Lodwick

    RAC/TRAC 2016

    The largest RAC/TRAC conference ever is starting this wednesday at the Sapienza Università di Roma, with 14 TRAC and 32 RAC sessions. If you can’t make it to the conference this year, you can follow proceedings through the TRAC twitter account – @TRACconference . The conference hashtag is #RACTRAC16, and individual sessions may use #RACxx and #TRACxx followed by the session numbers. The TRAC AGM will be taking place on Friday lunchtime at 1-2pm, where we will be discussing the location of TRAC2017, and electing new members of the TRAC standing committee. Current members of the TRAC standing committee will be at the conference throughout the week, so please come and talk to us if you have ideas about future TRAC events and activities.  
  3. Lisa Lodwick

    Travel Tips for TRAC 2016 in Rome

    TRAC 2016 is just two months away. To help you plan your trip, Matthew Mandich has put together a list of useful links for travel and sightseeing in Rome. Getting around: The closest metro stop for the RAC/TRAC conference held at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ is Policlincio on the Metro B (blue line). The next closest stop is Castro Pretorio, again, on the Metro B. For a map detailing all metros, trains, and trams in the City click here: http://www.atac.roma.it/files/doc.asp?r=4   Alternatively, several bus lines and trams also pass by the conference venue and a map can be found here (bus lines in black, tram lines in green): http://www.atac.roma.it/files/doc.asp?r=3   For information concerning archaeological sites in the City and the suburbs, complete with opening times and prices, click here (all sites listed in the left column): http://archeoroma.beniculturali.it/en/archaeological-site/colosseum  ...
  4. Lisa Lodwick

    TRAC 2016 Bursaries

    Generous contributions from the Roman Society and Barbican Research Associates allow us to offer a limited number of bursaries for TRAC 2016. Bursaries are open to speakers in TRAC sessions (not RAC sessions) who are currently post-graduate students, studying at institutions in the UK and abroad. The TRAC Standing Committee are also supporting a limited number of bursaries for post-graduate students or early career researchers (up to 5 years from there Phd completion date) who are not presenting a paper at TRAC/RAC, but for who attendance at the conference will help their career progression. Preference will be given to those not in current academic employment or without Phd funding. The maximum amount awarded will not normally exceed £100. To apply for a bursary please send an application to the TRAC Standing Committee using the form on the TRAC website (http://trac.org.uk/about/contact)...
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