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We are pleased to announce the first realisation of an initiative that has been in-development for several years: Open Access digital TRAC Proceedings! But what does this mean? Let us explain.

In 2011, the TRAC Standing Committee negotiated permission from our current Proceedings publisher—Oxbow Books—to make copies of papers from past Proceedings volumes freely available and distributable. Currently, this will include all TRAC papers published by Oxbow between TRAC 1994–TRAC 2009. Papers published in TRAC Proceedings from 2010 onwards will eventually be released in the same Open Access digital format, but we have agreed to a 3-year embargo in order to promote and protect sales of the printed volumes. As each new volume becomes available in print, all the papers from another volume will become available as a free digital download. This year, TRAC 2012 will be printed and available for sale starting with the TRAC 2013 conference in London… TRAC 2011 and TRAC 2010 will remain available only in the print edition, but TRAC 2009‘s papers will become freely available on the TRAC website.

We are excited to finally see this initiative come to fruition. We currently have all the digital files for TRAC volumes from 2004–2008 in-hand, and will be uploading them to the website shortly. We hope that these will be available by the time of next month’s conference in London. Earlier volumes have had to be digitised, and the Standing Committee will report on this progress soon. TRAC 2009 papers will hopefully be available in digital format shortly after the 2013 conference. Hopefully papers from the first three TRAC conferences will also be available through this initiative, but we will need to confirm copyright and permissions issues before we make these available.

We will keep you posted. We hope that you find this useful, and that you’re just as excited about this as we are!

-The TRAC Standing Committee-


  1. Nicky Garland

    19 March, 2013

    It’s great that these are going up online as open access. Thanks! (Cool links through dropbox too)

    • Darrell J. Rohl

      20 March, 2013

      Thanks Nicky! We’ll be adding additional volumes as soon as we can. Eventually, we also aim to create a search function so that people can find particular papers based on their contents.

  2. Stefanie Hoss

    20 March, 2013

    Thanks everybody for creating, and above all maintaining, this wonderful way to access earlier conference proceedings. Many people on the Continent will be just as happy as I am with the new resource. Having searched fruitlessly for earlier publications of TRAC in NL at one point, it will be a source of comfort to know that soon they will be just a click away.
    Perhaps you might in the future also consider adding some papers that did not make it into the publications, for reasons other than dubious quality. 🙂

    I also like the new community feature! Now all that remains is to convince RAC that they need to follow suit! 😉

    • Darrell J. Rohl

      20 March, 2013

      Thanks Stefanie! Hopefully we can have most of the pre-2010 volumes up by the beginning of the summer.

      I (speaking personally) also have some ideas for non-Proceedings papers, and hope to share some of these ideas at the conference next month…

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