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Congratulations to the 20 recipients of this year’s “TRAC Widening Participation Bursaries,” provided by the TRAC Standing Committee. We received a large number of excellent applications, and only wish that we had more funds to distribute. Please join us in congratulating the following bursary recipients:

  • Aliza Steinberg
  • Anna Bernardoni
  • Annette Frölich
  • BJ Harpe
  • Britta Burkhardt
  • Charlotte Boyd
  • Csaba Szabó
  • Dominique Hopton
  • Fiona Mowat
  • Gina Tibbott
  • Giorgia Marchiori
  • Jake Streatfeild-James
  • Josipa Lulić
  • Judith Finlay
  • Marc McAlester
  • Oliver Penney
  • Rocco Palermo
  • Dr. Marion Rivoal
  • Dr. Tatiana Ivleva
  • Dr. Thomas Grane

We look forward to seeing you all at this year’s conference at King’s College London. We hope that we can continue to offer similar bursaries in the future.

– TRAC Standing Committee

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