Highlights from the TRAC 2013 AGM

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The 2013 TRAC Annual General Meeting was held on Friday, 5 April, during the TRAC 2013 conference at King’s College London. Full minutes will be posted soon. In the meantime, here are some particular highlights for those who were unable to attend:

Activities of the past year

Since the last conference, TRAC has organised the present conference, produced the Proceedings of the 2012 conference, setup the new website, and completed digitisation and Open Access availability of Proceedings volume from 1991-2008.

New Constitution

A new TRAC Constitution was proposed, and approved. This formalises much recent and current practices, clears up some of the confusing aspects of TRAC’s structural organisation, and provides for open amendment and future growth into new areas of partnership, meeting, and publication.

TRAC 2014 Venue

A group from the University of Reading communicated their desire to host TRAC 2014 alongside RAC (the Roman Archaeology Conference), which they will be hosting next year. This proposal was met with approval, and the next TRAC conference shall be held at Reading next year. Future details will be posted in the near future. Dr. Tom Brindle (Reading) has joined the TRAC Standing Committee as the new Current TRAC Member, and Jason Lundock (King’s College London) has moved into the Previous TRAC Member role. Dr. Stefan Krmnicek (Frankfurt) completed his term as Previous TRAC Member, and was thanked for his contributions.

TRAC 2015 Venue

A group from Leiden University in the Netherlands communicated their interest in hosting TRAC 2015, which shall be the 25th annual TRAC conference. Significant interest by other parties (including Leicester and Munich) was also mentioned. This will likely be a highly competitive decision, and any groups wanting to offer a formal proposal should be in contact with the Standing Committee. Proposals and decision over the TRAC 2015 conference venue will take place during the TRAC 2014 AGM at Reading next year.

Standing Committee Elections

Three Standing Committee elected member positions were available for three-year terms. Darrell J. Rohl and Ian Marshman were re-elected to the Standing Committee, and Alexandra Guglielmi was elected to fill a role vacated by Amanda Moore.

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