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The TRAC 2013 Proceedings volume is now available to pre-order from our friends at Oxbow Books at the special discounted rate of £28.

TRAC 2013: Proceedings of the Twenty-Third Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, London 2013

The TRAC 2013 Proceedings volume includes eleven papers by scholars from across Europe on a range of Roman themes, from sexual imagery on lamps to the historiography of the Roman economy. It also comes with a CD of data-rich appendices.

TRAC 2013 Proceedings Contents

Introduction: TRAC Past, Present and Future: Where to go from here?
M. Hobson An Historiography of the Study of the Roman Economy: economic growth, development, and neoliberalism.
W. M. Jongman Why Modern Economic Theory Applies, Even to the Distant Roman Past.
J. Lulic Dalmatian Silvanus: A Cognitive Approach to Reinterpretation of the Reliefs Representing Silvanus from Roman Dalmatia.
E. Cousins Votive Objects and Ritual Practice at the King’s Spring at Bath.
K. Dicus Resurrecting Refuse at Pompeii: The Use-Value of Urban Refuse and its Implications for Interpreting Archaeological Assemblages.
G. Marchiori Decline, Migration and Revival: Kom al-Ahmer and Kom Wasit, a History of a Forgotten City.
J. Ball Small Finds and Roman Battlefields: The Process and Impact of Post-Battle Looting.
J. D. Prior Methods and Difficulties in Quantifying Archaeological Vessel Glass Assemblages.
C. Podavitte Pompeian–red Ware in Roman London: Insights on Pottery Consumption in Colonial Environments.
S. Vucetic Roman Sexuality or Roman Sexualities? Looking at Sexual Imagery on Roman Terracotta Mould-made Lamps.
S. Heeren The material culture of small rural settlements in the Batavian area: a case study on discrepant experience, creolisation, Romanisation or globalisation?

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