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Generous contributions from the Roman Society and Barbican Research Associates allow us to offer a limited number of bursaries for TRAC 2016. Bursaries are open to speakers in TRAC sessions (not RAC sessions) who are currently post-graduate students, studying at institutions in the UK and abroad. The TRAC Standing Committee are also supporting a limited number of bursaries for post-graduate students or early career researchers (up to 5 years from their Phd completion date) who are not presenting a paper at TRAC/RAC, but for who attendance at the conference will help their career progression. Preference will be given to those not in current academic employment or without Phd funding.

The maximum amount awarded will not normally exceed £100. To apply for a bursary please send an application to the TRAC Standing Committee using the form on the TRAC website ( by 28th February 2016, including the following information:

– Full name

– Postal address

– Email address

– Educational establishment affiliation and course

– Title of your TRAC paper and session in which it will be presented

– A short (max. 500-word) statement explaining your need for a bursary, and how receiving a bursary would make a difference to you

– Estimation of travel and accommodation costs

The closing date for applications is Friday 28th February 2016.

Bursaries will be paid to successful applicants in the UK by cheque, and to overseas applicants by bank transfer, following the conference and once receipts have been provided. Preference will be given to those not awarded a bursary from the Roman Society.

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