TRAC 2017 AGM Announcements

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The Annual General Meeting of TRAC was held on Friday 31st March at Durham University. The minutes of the 2016 AGM in Rome were presented, and updates were provided by Matthew Mandich on the TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeology series and the 2016 TRAC proceedings. Lisa Lodwick outlined the plan for the future direction of the annual publication, and Sergio Gonzalez Sanchez presented the TRAC finances. The amendments to the TRAC constitution were passed, with some minor amendments. The amended constitution will be posted to the website shortly.

Four delegates stood for election on to the TRAC Standing Committee (Carlos Cáceres Puerto, Lee A. Grana, Lisa Lodwick, Francesca Mazzilli). After a close election, Lisa Lodwick and Francesca Mazzilli were elected.

Lucia Michielin and Carlos Cáceres Puerto presented a successful bid to host the next Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference. The University of Edinburgh will be hosting the 28th TRAC in 2018, alongside the 13th Roman Archaeology Conference.

Thanks to all delegates who attended the AGM, and many thanks to the local organising team – especially Andrew Tibbs and Emily Hanscam, the student volunteers, session organisers, speakers and attendants for making the 27th TRAC such a success.

A round-up post from the 27th TRAC in Durham will be coming soon. In the mean time, check out this storify for a twitter summary of the conference.


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