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The TRAC Standing committee is very pleased to announce the launch of our fully open-access online journal, the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Journal (TRAJ) published and supported by the Open Library of Humanities (OLH). The first articles of the inaugural volume will be available to download freely from following the conference, as will all articles from the previous TRAC Proceedings volumes (1991-2014), which have now been migrated to the platform. This journal serves as a publication venue for innovative and interdisciplinary research in the field of Roman Archaeology and we welcome contributions from all delegates at this year’s RAC/TRAC conference, as long as they possess a strong theoretical element. The local organizing committees will circulate a call for papers for the 2019 volume shortly after the conference’s conclusion.

In addition, the Standing Committee is delighted to announce the release of the next offering in the thematic series TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeology published by Oxbow Books. The second volume in this series titled Material Approaches to Roman Magic (Edited by Adam Parker and Stuart McKie) seeks to push the research agendas of materiality and lived experience further into the study of Roman magic, a field that has, until recently, lacked object-focused analysis. Building on pioneering studies, the editors of the present volume have collected contributions that showcase the value of richly detailed, context-specific explorations of the magical practices of the Roman world. This new volume will be available to purchase at RAC/TRAC 2018. If you are interested in contributing to the series please contact us at:

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