TRAC 2019 Call for Sessions

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 We are pleased to announce that the TRAC 2019 Call for Sessions is now open!

Proposals are now invited for TRAC conference sessions:

  • Each session is 3 hours and split into two 1 hour 30 minute slots.
  • There should be a maximum of 6 papers, but a minimum of 4.
  • If there are 4 or 5 papers in a session then remaining time will be given over to general discussion.
  • Presenters’ slots are set at 30 minutes. We advise 20 minutes for speaking and between 5-10 for questions.

The conference will run three regular parallel sessions alongside an ‘unconference’ session based on informal discussion groups. If you would like to propose a topic for one of the unconference sessions, please specify this in your proposal. We welcome ideas for sessions outside the traditional presentation format, including workshops focused on particular themes and/or theories.

More information on, and ideas for, ‘unconference’ sessions can be found here:

Those wishing to organize a session for TRAC 2019 should submit:

  • Proposed title of the session.
  • Name, affiliation and email of the proposer(s).
  • An abstract of no longer than 300 words detailing the proposed topic, content, and aims.

We welcome organisers suggestions for speakers, but please note that session proposals will preferably keep the majority of presentation slots open in order to be filled by papers proposed through the subsequent Call for Papers; only in exceptional circumstances will completely full sessions be accepted.

The deadline for the submission of session proposals is Sunday September 2nd

 Submissions should be sent by email to the TRAC 2019 Local Organizing Committee:

Session proposers will be informed of the Committee’s decision by email by September 17th.

A general Call for Papers and Call for Posters will follow

Full details about the conference will follow on the TRAC 2019 Conference Page.

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