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Submissions are now open for Volume 3 of the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Journal (TRAJ). TRAJ is a new open access journal hosted by the Open Library of Humanities ( Theoretical Roman Archaeology Journal provides a venue for innovative and interdisciplinary research in the field of Roman Archaeology. The journal promotes the use of theoretical approaches to the Roman past and facilitates fresh interpretations of datasets, rather than solely the presentation of archaeological data. The journal’s geographic focus is the whole of the Roman world, including areas beyond the frontiers where Roman influence was evident. The journal’s temporal scope is from the Bronze Age to the Late Antique period; however, the subject of most contributions will usually range from the third century BC to the fifth century AD. TRAJ papers are derived from TRAC events and open submissions.

In order to publish in the third volume of TRAJ, please submit an expression of interest and an article abstract of no more than 500 words by Friday, 31st May to The abstract should be in the form of a word document without name, email address, or affiliation.

Authors will be informed whether a full manuscript is requested by the end of June. The deadline for manuscript submission will be 30th September, 2019. Papers will be selected for the journal on the basis of a double-blind peer review process.

See here for further details on how to submit a contribution.

Please forward all enquires to


TRAJ 2019 Guest Editors

Sophie Chavarria, Karl Goodwin and Phillip Smither

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