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The inaugural TRAC keynote webinar will be given by Dr. Chiara Bonacchi Tuesday 3 November, 5pm (GMT).

Contemporary populist nationalism and Roman Myths

“This seminar will examine the roles of Roman myths of origin, resistance and collapse in the making (and, potentially, dismantling) of contemporary populist nationalism in Europe and the US, from a digital heritage perspective. Social media have been central to the construction of populist discourses in these regions of the world, for their ability to connect ‘the people’ with populist movements and parties against a more or less imagined ‘elite’. On these online fields, images of the Roman past are deployed at fast pace and through the aggregation of framings created by experts, media industries, politicians, activists and other social media users. How are Roman myths travelling on social media spaces and how do they work to create antagonistic ideas of the other based on ethnicity, culture, economy and race? And how may archaeologists and heritage professionals respond? Should they?” 

The webinar will be hosted online using Zoom. Follow the link below to register for the webinar.

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