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Elections will be held at this year’s AGM at RAC/TRAC in Split (Friday 8 April @ 13:00–14:00).

TRAC SC members are elected for a term of three years, and each member may hold their position for up to two terms. All candidates must be able to commit to an estimated equivalent of one month part-time work, which will be spread throughout the year. Candidates must be able to attend the yearly TRAC and RAC/TRAC conference and attend online Standing Committee meetings held four times throughout the year.

Re-election at the AGM:

Provided there are no contesting applicants, the following current Standing Committee members will be standing for re-election:
Vice-Chair (Dr Blanka Misic)
Treasurer (Dr Sarah Scoppie)

Available Positions for Election at the AGM:

The following positions are available for election:


Chair (Standing Committee Position):

The tasks of this position include:

  • Chairing SC meetings and the AGM
  • Deal with external communications
  • Manage the long-term development of TRAC
  • Oversee annual conference organization
  • Primary check of the TRAC email accounts
  • Liaise with the TRAJ editor-in-chief


Interim Ordinary Member (Standing Committee Position):

The tasks of this position include:

  • Communication with TRAC members through the newsletter
  • Collaborate on running the TRAC Webinar Series
  • Oversee the TRAC website
  • Assist other committee members as necessary


UK Member (Standing Committee Position):

The tasks of this position include:

  • Attend Roman Society Meetings & provide summary to the SC
  • Support conferences and/or workshops held within the UK
  • Assist other committee members as necessary

Candidates interested in applying for any of these posts should send a short paragraph-long motivation statement and CV  to the TRAC email (admin@trac.org.uk) before 4 April, 2022. Elections will be held during the AGM, any potential candidates that are unable to attend this year’s election may still be considered and will be asked to provide a short statement detailing their qualifications for their proposed role to be read aloud at the AGM.

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