TRAC is an unincorporated voluntary association that has developed from and around the annual series of Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conferences held since 1991.

The first Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference was held in 1991 to widen the range of perspectives offered, and voices heard, in Roman Archaeology. This initiative was spearheaded by Dr. Eleanor Scott, who organised the first conference and remains an active contributor to the TRAC community.

In 2001, the TRAC Standing Committee was established to ensure that TRAC continues to serve its purpose well into the future. TRAC’s first constitution was approved in 2010. In 2017, a new TRAC Constitution was approved and remains in effect.

Following on from the initial conferences, TRAC continues to organise annual conferences and workshops in addition to producing publications in the form of a themed series – TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeoolgy – and an open-access journal – The Theoretical Roman Archaeology Journal (TRAJ). Individual conferences are primarily organised by a Local Organising Committee with the support of the TRAC Standing Committee and a number of sponsoring organisations. Since the mid-1990s, TRAC has been held—in alternate years—alongside the Roman Archaeology Conference (RAC) organised by the Archaeology Committee of the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies (aka ‘The Roman Society’).

Questions about TRAC, its history and activities, or proposals to host a future conference should be directed to the Standing Committee. Please contact us at: admin@trac.org.uk

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TRAC is the organisation behind the annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, TRAC Workshops, TRAC Proceedings (1991-2016), the TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeology book series, and the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Journal (TRAJ). This site is maintained by the TRAC Standing Committee. Contact us for further details or inquiries.

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