TRAC Standing Committee

The Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (TRAC) is administered by the TRAC Standing Committee, which is composed of five elected members as well as representatives from the previous and current conference. The TRAC Standing Committee works to ensure that TRAC, its conferences, and publications continue to operate, and that TRAC and its aims are promoted within the wider archaeological community.

Current TRAC Standing Committee Members

  • Chair: Dr Matthew Mandich – University of Leicester (elected at Rome 2016, term ends 2019)
  • Vice-Chair: Dr Lisa Lodwick – University of Reading (re-elected at Durham 2017, term ends 2020)
  • Treasurer: Dr Sergio Gonzalez Sanchez – University of Leicester (elected at Rome 2016, term ends 2019)
  • Secretary: Thomas Derrick – University of Leicester (elected at Rome 2016, term ends 2019)
  • Ordinary Member: Dr Francesca Mazzilli – Cambridge Archaeological Unit (elected at Durham 2017, term ends 2020)
  • Durham 2017 local representative: Emily Hanscam – Durham University (elected at Rome 2016, term ends 2018)
  • Edinburgh 2018 local representative: Lucia Michielin – University of Edinburgh (elected at Durham 2017, term ends 2019)

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TRAC is the organisation behind the annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, TRAC Workshops, TRAC Proceedings (1991-2016), and the TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeology series. This site is maintained by the TRAC Standing Committee. Contact us for further details or inquiries.

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