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TRAC is first and foremost the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, and our flagship initiative is an annual conference that has been held every year since 1991. Beginning in 2016, TRAC began to organise and sponsor additional events including seminars and small workshops; for more information on the full range of TRAC events, see our Events page.

The first Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference was held in 1991 at Newcastle upon Tyne to widen the range of perspectives offered, and voices heard, in Roman Archaeology. The original conference was organised by Dr Eleanor Scott, who continues to contribute to TRAC as a member of the TRAC Advisory Panel.

Next TRAC annual conference

TRAC 2020 – Split, Croatia (joint with RAC)

Previous TRAC annual conferences

Previous TRAC annual conferences were held at (in reverse order, with website links where available):

TRAC 2019 – Canterbury, UK
TRAC 2018 –  Edinburgh, UK (joint with RAC)
TRAC 2017 – Durham, UK
TRAC 2016 – Rome, Italy (joint with RAC)
TRAC 2015 – Leicester, UK
TRAC 2014 – Reading, UK (joint with RAC)
TRAC 2013 – 4–6 April at King’s College London, UK
2012 – Frankfurt am Main, Germany (joint with RAC) —
2011 – Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
2010 – Oxford, UK (joint with RAC)
2009 – Ann Arbor, MI USA (joint with US-RAC); Southampton, UK
2008 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
2007 – London, UK (joint with RAC)
2006 – Cambridge, UK
2005 – Birmingham, UK (joint with RAC)
2004 – Durham, UK
2003 – Leicester, UK (joint with RAC)
2002 – Canterbury, UK
2001 – Glasgow, UK (joint with RAC)
2000 – London, UK
1999 – Durham, UK (joint with RAC)
1998 – Leicester, UK
1997 – Nottingham, UK (joint with RAC)
1996 – Sheffield, UK
1995 – Reading, UK (joint with RAC)
1994 – Durham, UK
1993 – Glasgow, UK
1992 – Bradford, UK
1991 – Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Future TRAC conferences

Would your team like to organise and host a future TRAC annual conference? If so, contact us for details of how to make your proposal.

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