#TRAC25 (TRAC 2015) Conference Programme

25th Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference

University of Leicester, Friday 27 to Sunday 29 March 2015

We are pleased to announce the full programme for the 25th Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference. Download the full TRAC 25 delegate’s handbook (including the academic programme) here, or view the online programme below.

All events are located in the Bennett Building, unless otherwise specified.

#TRAC25: Friday 27 March, 2015

11:00 - 18:00Conference Registration - Bennett Building, Upper Foyer
12:15 - 16:30Optional conference trip to the Harborough Museum and Burrough Hill
18:15 - 20:00Opening proceedings in the Peter Williams Lecture Theatre, Fielding Johnson South Wing
Welcome: Lin Foxhall, Head of School of Archaeology and Ancient History
Keynote Address: Dr Andrew Gardner (UCL) - "Debating Roman Imperialism: Critique, Construct, Repeat?"
following...Wine reception at Jewry Wall Museum, 156-160 Saint Nicholas Circle, Leicester, LE1 4LB
(Transport will be provided to the venue)

Registration opens on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 08:30 in the Bennett Building Upper Foyer.

#TRAC25: Saturday 28 March, 2015 (morning)

Lecture Room 5:
Charmed, I'm Sure: Roman Magic - Old Theory, New Approaches
Lecture Theatre 1:
Framing Views, Constructing Experiences & Shaping Identities. Reflections on the Potential of Current Approaches to Roman Public Architecture
Lecture Theatre 2:
Socio-Corporeal Practices in the Provinces
09:00: "Distraught, Drained, Devoured, or Damned? The Importance of Individual Creativity in Roman Cursing" - Stuart McKie (Open University)09:00: "Experiencing Public Space Through Light, Materiality, and Tectonics: New Modes of Thinking About the Aesthetics of Roman Architecture at Rome and Beyond" - Edmund Thomas (Durham)09:00: "Bathing as a Roman: socio-cultural implications of private baths in Roman Britain" - Giacomo Savani (Leicester)
09:30: "Victory of Good Over Evil? Apotropaic Animal Images on Roman Engraved Gems" – Idit Sagiv (Tel-Aviv University, Israel)09:20: "On Gender and Spatial Experience in Public Space" - Amy Russell (Durham)09:30: "Bathing with the Britons: Reinterpreting the Role of Urban Bathhouses in Roman Britain" - Jay Ingate (Kent)
09:40: "Daily Life in a Monumental Space – the Forum Romanum in the Early Imperial Period" - Christopher Dickenson (Nijmegen)
10:00: "Fascinating Fascina – Revisiting Roman Phallic Pendants" - Alissa M. Whitmore (University of Iowa)10:00: "Titus’ Pompa Circensis and the Ceremonial Topography of Flavian Rome" - Geoffrey Sumi (Mount Holyoke College)10:00: "Unguenta and Medicamenta Consumption – Roman Glass, Identity and Socio-corporeal Practice in Britannia" - Thomas J. Derrick (Leicester)
10:30: Coffee Break and Poster Session (Lower Foyer)10:30: Coffee Break and Poster Session (Lower Foyer)10:30: Coffee Break and Poster Session (Lower Foyer)
11:00: "Fear of the Dead? ‘Deviant’ Burials in Roman Northern Italy" - Alessandro Quercia (Soprintendenza per I Beni Archeologici del Piemonte e Museo Antichità Egizie, Italy) & Melania Cazzulo (independent researcher)11:00: "Spatial Narratives in the City of Rome: The Configuration of Space in the Republic and Early Empire" - Nikki Keeris (Nijmegen)11:00: "'The final masquerade'? Resinous Substances and Mortuary Rites in Roman Britain" - Rhea Brettell (Bradford)
11:30: "Excessively Charged Amulets? Contextualising Roman London’s ‘Magical’ Jet and Amber" - Glynn Davis (Museum of London)11:20: "Moving Beyond Typologies: Temple Variability and Ritual Experience in Roman Britain" - Louise Revell (Southampton)11:30: "From Treasured Items to Trash, the Use of Brooches in Roman Cornwall in the Creation of Identity and Social Memory" - Siân Thomas (Cardiff)
11:40: "Roman Public Architecture Seen Through Building Types: Convenient Tool or Limitative Framework?" - Julian Richard (Leuven)
12:00: "Making Magic Work: Approaching Context" - Adam Parker (York Museums Trust)12:00: "More than Meets the Eye? Theoretical Architectural Reconstructions of Public Monuments from Roman Asia Minor" - Ursula Quatember (Regensburg)12:00: "Reconstructing Female Identities from the Cemeteries of Colonia Iulia Emona" - Kaja Stemberger (KCL)

Saturday lunchtime: 12:30 – 14:00

TRAC Annual General Meeting (AGM) — Lecture Room 5, Bennett Building

Posters are available for viewing in the Bennett Building, Lower Foyer

#TRAC25: Saturday 28 March, 2015 (afternoon)

Lecture Room 5:
Theorizing Space and Material Culture in Late Antiquity
Lecture Theatre 1:
The Growth of Rome: Scale, Cost, and Extent
Lecture Theatre 2:
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Roman Artefacts
Sponsored by the Roman Finds Group
14:00: "Conceptualising Art in public space: 'Constantine' at York and its Wider Applications" - Brittany Thomas (Leicester)14:00: "Roman Growth and Expansion in a Central Italian Context" – Tesse Stek (Leiden)14:00: "Contextualising Roman-related Artefacts in China: An Integrated Approach to Sino-Roman Relations" – Krisztina Hoppál (Eötvös Loránd University)
14:30: "Ravenna and Sutton Hoo: Examining Landscape, Monumentalisation and Imperial Ideology at the Transition from Late Antiquity to the Medieval Period" - Mark Collins (Leicester)14:30: "A Republican Dilemma: City or State?" - Penelope Davies (University of Texas-Austin)14:30: "Thrift or gift? The Meanings of ‘homemade’ Objects in Late Antiquity" - Jo Stoner (Kent)
15:00: "Conceptualising the Space of the Late Antique Adventus" - Maria Kneafsey (Exeter)15:00: "In omnibus regionibus? Administrative Boundaries and Differential Experiences in the City of Rome" - Penelope Goodman (Leeds)15:00: "Geology and Roman Stone artefacts" - Ruth Shaffrey (Oxford Archaeology)
15:30: Coffee Break and Poster Session (Lower Foyer)15:30: Coffee Break and Poster Session (Lower Foyer)15:30: Coffee Break and Poster Session (Lower Foyer)
16:00: "Going Public? The Context of Mithraic shrines in the Fourth Century" - David Walsh (Kent)16:00: "Rome’s Borderscape: The Social, Political and Cultural Arena of the Urbs" - Saskia Stevens (Utrecht)16:00: "Finds in the Landscape – Roman Artefact studies from a 'Wider Perspective'" - Nicky Garland (UCL)
16:30: "Theorizing religious city planning – spatial organization and memory sanctions in Late Antique Hierapolis" - Irene Selsvold (Gothenbug)16:30: "Rome the Metropolis: Shanty-town or Growth Pole?" - Willem Jongman (Groningen)16:30: "Conceptualizing Social Perspective and the Utility of Materials in Roman Small Finds" - Jason Lundock (Appleton Museum of Art)
17:00: "Late Antique baths: Changing Habits in a Changing Society?" – Sadi Maréchal (Ghent)17:00: "Urban Scaling and the Growth of Rome" - Matthew J. Mandich (Leicester)17:00: "Touching and Moving in Roman Banquets: Defining Gender and Class through Dining Objects" - Mira Green (University of Washington)

Saturday evening events:

18:30 — Conference Dinner at the Parkside Restaurant, 1st floor, Charles Wilson Building (University of Leicester)

21:00 — TRAC Party at the Exchange Bar, 50 Rutland Street, Cultural Quarter, Leicester, LE1 1RD

#TRAC25: Sunday 29 March, 2015 (morning)

Lecture Theatre 1:
Contextualising Coins, Assembling Contexts and Interrogating Agency
Lecture Room 5:
Nobilia Opera? Re-staging Greek Artworks in Roman Contexts. New Approaches and Perspectives
Lecture Room 4:
Socks & Sandals: Historical Fiction as Archaeological Technique?
Lecture Theatre 2:
General Session 1 - Funerals, Landscapes, and Material Culture
09:00: "Above Ground Coin Hoards in Roman Britain: Potential Meanings and Significance" - Adam Rogers (Leicester)09:00: "From the Grave to the Garden. Re-staging Greek Funerary Sculpture in Roman Contexts" – Gabriella Cirucci (SNS, Pisa)09:00: "Fictional Facts: Can Watching TV Improve Academic Research?" - Rob Witcher (Durham) & Daan van Helden (Leicester)09:00: "Sumo ergo sum?: Theorising Roman Consumption in the Domestic Space" - Emma Searle (Oxford)
09:30: "Variations on Themes of Use and Disuse – Coin Assemblages in Townscapes" - Nick Wells (Independent Researcher)09:30: "The Fascinating Hybridity of Nobilia Opera. Bodily Models in Roman Male Nude Portraits" – Mariateresa Curcio (Paris- Rome)09:30: "Layering the Fictive Past: the Possibilities Evoked by Writing Awareness of Roman Britain Into Viking-Age Historical Fiction" - Victoria Whitworth (Highlands and Islands)09:30: "Magic Stones and the House of Life and Death: Whetstone Depositions in the Roman civitas Menapiorium" – Sibrecht Reniere & Wim De Clercq (Gent)
10:00: "A Context for 'Ritual' Artefacts. Depositional Practices and Spatial Distributions of Ritual Assemblages in Britain" - Alessandra Esposito (KCL)10:00: "More than words. Re-staging Protogenes' Ialysus: the Many Lives of an Artwork Between Greece and Rome"–Eva Falaschi (SNS, Pisa)10:00: "Fiction, Flagships and Photography: Exploring the Links between Fictional Accounts of Pompeii and Visitor Photography" – Zena Kamash (Royal Holloway)10:00: "'Claustra inde portaeque essent' – Rome, Nepi and the Transition to the Middle Republican Period in a Northern Latin Colony" - Ulla Rajala (Stockholm)
10:30: Coffee Break and Poster Session (Lower Foyer)10:30: Coffee Break and Poster Session (Lower Foyer)10:30: Coffee Break and Poster Session (Lower Foyer)10:30: Coffee Break and Poster Session (Lower Foyer)
11:00: "The Smooth, Cold Surface – Coins, Pewter and Water in Context in Roman Britain" - Adrian Chadwick (Leicester) and Eleanor Ghey (British Museum)11:00: "Greek Art in Augustan Rome: Discourse, Dedication, and Reflection" – Nathaniel B. Jones (Washington University)11:00: "Imagining Cogidubnus and His World: Reflections on the Writing of 'An Accidental King'" - Mark Patton (Open University)11:00: "'Landscapes of Life' and 'Landscapes of Death': the Potential of Funerary Remains for the Reconstruction of Roman Topography" - Chiara Botturi (Southampton)
11:25: "Learning from Contextual Approaches to Brooches – the Case of the Penannular Brooch in Britain" - Anna Booth (Leicester)11:30: "Dionysus and Performance: A Penchant for Greek Sculpture in the Pompeian Domus" – Lisa Hughes (Calgary)11:30: "Encounters With the Past: the Story of the Skouriotissa Miner" - Michael Given (University of Glasgow)11:30: "Memory, Place, and the Construction of Identity in Northern Gaul: From Lieux de Mémoire to Central Places" - David S. Rose (Edinburgh)
11:50: "Objects of Devotion? Interpreting Coin Assemblages Found at Romano-British Temple and Shrine Sites" - Philippa Walton (Oxford)12:00: "'The Great Beauty'. Greek Art and Urban Environment in Imperial Rome" – Alessandro Poggio (SNS, Pisa)12:00: Discussion - Johanna Paul (Open University)12:00: "A Name and a Place: Identity Expression and Social Strategies in Hellenistic and Roman Thessaly" - Crysta Kaczmarek (Leicester)

Sunday lunchtime: 12:30 – 14:00

Lightning Round — Lecture Room 4, Bennett Building

Posters are available for viewing in the Bennett Building, Lower Foyer

#TRAC25: Sunday 29 March, 2015 (afternoon)

Lecture Theatre 1:
Camp and the City: Defining Military/Civil Spheres in the Roman East
Lecture Room 5:
Integrating Environmental and Theoretical Roman Archaeology
Sponsored by the Association for Environmental Archaeology
Lecture Theatre 2:
General Session 2 - Religious Spaces, Art, and Climate
14:00: "Occupiers and Oppressors, or Neighbours and Protectors? The Roman Garrison in the City of Dura-Europos, Syria" - Simon James (Leicester)14:00: "'Impressed and Depressed' the Relationship Between Environmental and Roman Archaeology" - James Morris (Central Lancashire)14:00: "Fishbone remains as identifiers of Roman fisheries" - Lee Graña, (Reading)
14:30: "Soldiers and Civilians at a Village by a Camp: The Case of Legio – Kefar 'Othnay" - Yotam Tepper (IAA and TAU)14:25: "Not Just a Shopping List: A Reconsideration of Roman Food and Identity from an Archaeobotanical Perspective" - Erica Rowan (Exeter)14:30: "A Roman Period Deluge" - Ian Longhurst (Independent Researcher)
15:00: "Camp and the City in Aelia Capitolina: The Camp of the Tenth Roman Legion in Jerusalem/Aelia Capitolina" - Shlomit Weksler-Bdolach (IAA)14:50: "Friend or Food? Seeking to Understand Human-Chicken Relations in Life and Death in Roman Britain" - Kris Poole (Sheffield)15:00: "Stone Cult in Continuity. The Evidence from the Maltese Islands" - George Azzopardi (Independent Researcher)
15:30: Coffee Break and Poster Session (Lower Foyer)15:30: Coffee Break and Poster Session (Lower Foyer)15:30: Coffee Break and Poster Session (Lower Foyer)
16:00: "'East is East and West is West' – Searching under the Lamp-Post" - Guy Stiebel (TAU)16:00: "Farming Practice and Emerging Urban Identities at Late Iron Age and Early Roman Silchester" - Lisa Lodwick (Reading)16:00: "'Herakles on the Edge': Objects without Prejudice in the Provinces" - Jane L. Ainsworth (Leicester)
16:20: "Occupying or Being a Part?: Camps and Cities in the Roman Near East (27 BCE-235 CE)" - Kee-Hyun Ban (KCL)16:25: "(Ro)man's Best Friend: A Zooarchaeological Approach to Romano-British Social Relations with Dogs" - Lauren Bellis (Leicester)16:30: "Cleomenes of Athens: The Epigraphic Case of a Greek Artist in Rome" - Linda Pozzani (SNS, Pisa)
16:40: "Between West and East – Identification and Impact of Military and Civil Spheres in Roman Moesia: Possibilities and Problems" - Lina Diers (Vienna)16:50: "Encountering Wilderness: The Role of Hunting and Fowling in Agricultural Communities in Roman Britain" - Martyn Allen (Reading)
17:00: Questions17:15: Discussant - Zena Kamash (Royal Holloway)17:00: "Neighbouring Temples, Worlds Apart: The Creation and Purpose of Classical Structures Next to Egyptian Temples in Roman Egypt" - Elizabeth Brophy (Oxford)

Sunday evening:

17:30 — Closing proceedings by Prof. David Mattingly, Lecture Theatre 1

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