TRAC 2016 Sessions

TRAC 2016 will consist of twelve thematic sessions and two general sessions, as outlined below. Please click through session title links for session and individual paper abstracts. The timetable below also specifies when other key TRAC-related events take place during the conference, including the important TRAC Annual General Meeting (AGM; where the next TRAC venue is decided and new TRAC Standing Committee members will be elected) and the TRAC Party. Further details on the additional RAC sessions is available from the Roman Society’s RAC website.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

09:00-13:00 – 1. Beyond the Romans: What can Posthumanism do for Classical Studies?
Organised by: Linnea Åshede and Irene Selsvold (University of Gothenburg)

09:00-13:00 – 2. Theorising “Place” in (Roman) Archaeology
Organised by: Darrell J. Rohl and Nicky Garland (Canterbury Christ Church University, University College London)

14:00-18:00 – 3. Marxist Traditions in Roman Archaeology
Organised by: Andrew Gardner and Mauro Puddu (University College London, University of Cambridge)

14:00-18:00 – 4. Beyond Public and Private in the Roman House
Organised by: Kaius Tuori (University of Helskinki)

Thursday, 17 March 2016

09:00-13:00 – 5. Method Matters: Archaeological Method and the Construction of Historical Narrative in Roman Colonization Studies
Organised by: Jesús García-Sánchez and Anita Casarotto (Leiden University)

09:00-13:00 – 6. Theatricalising Memory: An Archaeological Approach to Religious Performance in the Roman World
Organised by: Valentino Gasparini (University of Erfurt)

14:00-18:00 – 7. Beyond Hybridity and Code-switching: New Approaches to the Archaeology of Late Hellenistic Rome, Italy, and the Wider Mediterranean
Organised by: Francesca Diosono and Dominik Maschek (LMU München, University of Birmingham)

14:00-18:00 – 8. Appropriating Traditions, Negotiating Forms: Material Culture and Roman Religion between Categories and Variables
Organised by: Anna-Katharina Rieger (University of Erfurt)

Friday, 18 March 2016

09:00-13:00 – 9. TRAC General Session 1

09:00-13:00 – 10. Sustaining the Empire: Balancing between Population Growth and Food Resources
Organised by: Wim De Clercq, Dimitri Van Limbergen, Frank Vermeulen, Rinse Willet (Ghent University, Leiden University)
NOTE: The time of this session has been changed!

13:00-14:00 – TRAC Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Please attend to help decide the venue for the next TRAC Conference, and to choose new members of the TRAC Standing Committee.

14:00-18:00 – 11. Media, Memory, and the Archaeologist
Organised by: Clare Rowan (University of Warwick)

14:00-18:00 – 12. Filling the Gap: Investigating Abandonment in the Roman Empire
Organised by: Rocco Palermo, Raffaella Pappalardo, Paolo Cimadomo, Raffaella Pierobon, and Maria Amodio (Università di Napoli Federico II, Università di Catania)
NOTE: The time of this session has been changed!

Evening – TRAC Party!!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

09:00-13:00 – 13. Animals and Landscape in the Roman World
Organised by: Clare Rainsford and David Roberts (University of Bradford, Historic England)

09:00-13:00 – 14. TRAC General Session 2


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