TRAC Proceedings

TRAC Proceedings

One of TRAC’s distinctive features was the regular and rapid publication of selected TRAC Proceedings from each annual conference between 1991–2006. an accomplishment that has been achieved for all but one. Since the 1994 TRAC Conference (held at Durham), TRAC Proceedings were published by Oxbow Books, which are available in hardcopy and ebook format through direct purchase from Oxbow.

In 2013 TRAC adopted an Open Access policy to make past TRAC Proceedings freely available in digital format from our website. As of spring 2019, all TRAC conference proceedings have been migrated to a single Open Access platform which can be accessed here or from the proceeding contents below. All articles have been assigned a DOI in order to increase their discoverability.


TRAC Proceedings Volumes Full Contents 1991–2016

TRAC 1991 (Newcastle upon Tyne) -- Open Access
TRAC 1994 (Durham) -- Open Access
TRAC 1995 (Reading)
TRAC 1996 (Sheffield) -- Open Access
TRAC 1997 (Nottingham) -- Open Access
TRAC 1998 (Leicester) -- Open Access
TRAC 1999 (Durham) -- Open Access
TRAC 2000 (London) -- Open Access
TRAC 2002 (Canterbury) -- Open Access
TRAC 2003 (Leicester) -- Open Access
TRAC 2004 (Durham) -- Open Access
TRAC 2006 (Cambridge) -- Open Access
TRAC 2007 (London) -- Open Access
TRAC 2008 (Amsterdam) -- Open Access
TRAC 2009 (Ann Arbor and Southampton) -- Open Access
TRAC 2010 (Oxford) -- Open Access
TRAC 2011 (Newcastle upon Tyne) -- Open Access
TRAC 2012 (Frankfurt am Main)
TRAC 2013 (London)
TRAC 2015 (Leicester)
TRAC 2016 (Rome)

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