TRAC 1991

TRAC 1991

TRAC 1991

Theoretical Roman Archaeology: First Conference Proceedings. Aldershot: Avebury (1993)
Edited by Eleanor Scott

Front Matter (pp. i–xii)

Foreword. Bridging the divide: A Commentary on Theoretical Roman Archaeology (pp. xiii–xx)
Ian Hodder

Introduction. TRAC (Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference) 1991 (pp. 1–4)
Eleanor Scott

Writing the Roman Empire (pp. 5–22)
Eleanor Scott

Attitudes to Roman Imperialism (pp. 23–27)
Richard Hingley

Theory and Roman Archaeology (pp. 29–38)
Richard Reece

The Study of Roman Technology: Some Theoretical Constraints (pp. 29–47)
Kevin Greene

The Pre–Industrial City in Roman Britain (pp. 49–66)
Simon Clarke

When (and What) was the End of Roman Britain (pp. 67–78)
Kurt Hunter–Mann

‘Villas as a Key to Social Structure’? Some Comments on Recent Approaches to the Romano–British Villa and Some Suggestions Towards and Alternative (pp. 79–101)
Robert Rippengal

A Theoretical Framework for the Study of Romano–British Villa Mosaics (pp. 103–114)
Sarah Scott

The Hoarding, Deposition and Use of Pewter in Roman Britain (pp. 115–132)
Rob Poulton & Eleanor Scott

Roman–Period Activity at Prehistoric Ritual Monuments in Britain and in the Armorican Peninsula (pp. 133–146)
Kenneth Rainsbury Dark

Comparative Frontier Studies (pp. 147–154)
Patricia Southern

Spaced–Out Sanctuaries: The Ritual Landscape of Roman Greece (pp. 155–165)
Susan Alcock

Roman Peasant and rural Organisation in Central Italy: An Archaeological Perspective (pp. 167–186)
Peter van Dommelen

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