TRAC 1992

TRAC 1992

TRAC 1992

Theoretical Roman Archaeology: Second Conference Proceedings. Aldershot: Avebury (1995)
Edited by Peter Rush

Front Matter and Introduction (pp. i–xiii)

Gender in Question (pp. 3–21)
Carol van Driel-Murray

‘Sexing’ Small Finds (pp. 22–32)
Lindsay Allason-Jones

Roman Finds Assemblages, Towards an Integrated Approach? (pp. 33–58)
Jeremy Evans

Collapse Theory and the End of Birdoswald (pp. 59–69)
Tony Wilmott

Analysis of Social and Cultural Diversity on Rural Burial Sites in North-Eastern Raetia (pp. 70–80)
Manuela Struck

Location Models and the Study of Romano-British Small Towns (pp .81–91)
Simon Clarke

Prologue to a Study of Roman Urban Form (pp. 92–104)
Simon P. Ellis

Symbols of Power and Nature: The Orpheus Mosaic of Fourth Century Britain and Their Architectural Contexts (pp. 105–123)
Sarah Scott

Romans and Britons on the Northern Frontier: A Theoretical Evaluation of the Archaeology of Resistance (pp. 124–131)
Bernice Kurchin

A Shoppers’ Paradise: Consumers in Roman Britain (pp. 132–140)
Iain Ferris

Economy and Space in Roman Britain (pp. 141–147)
Pete Rush

Roman Pottery Research for the 1990s (pp. 148–157)
Jason Monaghan

Theory, Practice, and Research in an Urban Unit: A Personal Perspective (pp. 158–173)
Michael J. Jones

Women and Gender Relations in the Roman Empire (pp. 174–189)
Eleanor Scott

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