TRAC 1994

TRAC 1994

TRAC 1994

TRAC 94: Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Durham 1994. Oxford: Oxbow Books (1994)
Edited by Sally Cottam, David Dungworth, Sarah Scott & Jeremy Taylor

Front Matter and Editors’ Preface (pp. i–iv)

The Just War: Graeco-Roman Texts as Colonial Discourse (pp. 1–10)
Jane Webster

Britannia, Origin Myths and the British Empire (pp. 11–23)
Richard Hingley

Insignificant Others: Images of Barbarians on Military Art from Roman Britain (pp. 24–31)
Iain Ferris

Patterns of Worship in Roman Britain: Double-Named Deities in Context (pp. 33–44)
Amy Zoll

An Archaeology of Brief Time: Monuments and Seasonality in Roman Britain (pp. 45–56)
Raphael Isserlin

Ritual and Archaeology in Early Latium (pp. 57–64)
Christopher Smith

Lighting in Late Roman Houses (pp. 65–71)
Simon Ellis

A Quantitative Analysis of the Finds from the Roman Fort of Newstead – Some Preliminary Findings (pp. 72–82)
Simon Clarke

Use of Space and Variability of Ground Plans: A Study of Legionary Centurions’ Quarters (pp. 83–89)
Birgitta Hoffmann

Reading the Tea Leaves, Signalling as a Means of Prophesy on Roman Frontiers (pp. 90–98)
D. J. Woolliscroft

Treasure: Interpreting Roman Hoards (pp. 99–106)
Martin Millett

Romano-British Precious Metal Hoards: Some Comments on Martin Millett’s Paper (pp. 107–117)
Catherine Johns

An Archaeology of Homosexuality? Perspectives from the Classical World (pp. 118–132)
Keith Matthews

You Are What You Eat: Diet, Identity and Romanisation (pp. 133–140)
Karen I. Meadows

Roman Imports into Late Iron Age British Societies: Towards a Critique of Existing Models (pp. 141–150)
Steven Willis

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