TRAC 1996

TRAC 96: Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Sheffield 1996. Oxford: Oxbow Books (1997)
Edited by Karen Meadows, Chris Lemke & Jo Heron

Front Matter and Editors’ Preface (pp. i–iv)

Theorising Roman Archaeology (pp. 1–7)
J. C. Barrett

‘Romanization – Imperialism’ – What are We Talking About? (pp. 8–14)
P. Freeman

Beyond ‘Romanization’: Technologies of Power in Roman Britain (pp. 15–21)
C. Forcey

The Enemy Without, The Enemy Within: More Thoughts on Images of Barbarians in Greek and Roman Art (pp. 22–28)
I. Ferris

Post Processual Economics: The Role of African Red Slip Ware Vessel Volume in Mediterranean Demography (pp. 29–37)
J. W. J. Hawthorne

Samian: Beyond Dating (pp. 38–54)
S. Willis

Symbols, Pottery and Trade (pp. 55–64)
P. Rush

NATIVE or ROMAN? Ironwork Hoards in Northern Britain (pp. 65–72)
A. R. J. Hutcheson

Abandonment, Rubbish Disposal and ‘Special’ Deposits at Newstead (pp. 73–81)
S. Clarke

Economy and Ritual: The Use of Animal bone in the Interpretation of the Iron Age to Roman Cultural Transition (pp. 82–90)
J. E. Richardson

Thinking the Unthinkable: Human Sacrifice in Roman Britain? (pp. 91–100)
R. M. J. Isserlin

Elite Settlements in the Roman and Sub-Roman Period (pp. 101–112)
D. Petts

Negotiating Nuraghi: Settlement and the Construction of Ethnicity in Roman Sardinia (pp. 113–119)
E. Blake

Immaterial Culture: Invisible Peasants and Consumer Subcultures in North-West Britannia (pp. 120–132)
K. J. Matthews

Aspects of Romanization in the Wroxeter Hinterland (pp. 133–143)
R. H. White & P. M. van Leusen

Pooling Resources – The Use of Water for Social Control in the Roman Empire (pp. 144–150)
S. Ellis

Towards a Theory of Roman Urbanism: Beyond Economics and Ideal-Types (pp. 151–162)
M. Grahame

‘Roman’ Urban Form and Culture Difference (pp. 163–172)
S. Clarke & D. J. Robinson

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