TRAC 1997

TRAC 97: Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Nottingham 1997. Oxford: Oxbow Books (1998)

Edited by Colin Forcey, John Hawthorne & Robert Witcher

Front Matter and Editors’ Preface (pp. i–iv)

Redefining Romanization: Material Culture and the Question of Social Continuity in Roman Britain (pp. 1–10)
Mark Grahame

Motivation and Ideologies of Romanization (pp. 11–19)
Ralph Häussler

The Romanization of Italy: Global Acculturation or Cultural Bricolage? (pp. 20–27)
Nicola Terrenato

Social Change and Architectural Diversity in Roman Period Britain (pp. 28–41)
Simon Clarke

Ritual, Space and Politics. Reflections in the Archaeological Record of Social Developments in Lepcis Magna, Tripolitania (pp. 42–52)
Frances Condron

Theoretical Influences on Two Reports of Romano-British Land Division (pp. 53–59)
John W. M. Peterson

Roman Roads: Phenomenological Perspectives on Roads in the Landscape (pp. 60–70)
Robert Witcher

The Ancient Monument in Romano-British Ritual Practices (pp. 71–86)
Howard M. R. Williams

Whatever Happened to the Heroes? Ancestral Cults and the Enigma of Romano-Celtic Temples (pp. 87–98)
Colin Forcey

From Death to Deposition: The Sequence of Ritual in Cremation Burials of the Roman Period (pp. 99–111)
John Pearce

Burial and Gender in Late- and Sub-Roman Britain (pp. 112–124)
David Petts

Brooches and Identities in First Century AD Britain: More Than Meets The Eye? (pp. 125–137)
S. Jundi & J. D. Hill

Tales from a Romanist: A Personal View of Archaeology and ;Equal Oppertunities’ (pp. 138–147)
Eleanor Scott

Mystifying Roman Nails: Clavus Annalis, Defixiones and Minkisi (pp. 148–159)
David Dungworth

Pottery and Paradigm in the Early Western Empire (pp. 160–172)
John W. J. Hawthorne

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