TRAC 1998

TRAC 98: Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Leicester 1998. Oxford: Oxbow Books (1999)

Edited by Patricia Baker, Colin Forcey, Sophia Jundi & Robert Witcher

Front Matter and Editors’ Preface (pp. i–iv)

Architecture, Performance and Ritual: The Role of State Architecture in the Roman Empire (pp. 1–13)
Ralph Häussler

The Community of Soldiers: A Major Identity and Centre of Power in the Roman Empire (pp. 14–25)
Simon James

Monumental Architecture & Becoming Roman in the First Centuries BC and AD (pp. 26–35)
Kenneth Aitchison

Contact, Architectural Symbolism and the Negotiation of Cultural Identity in the Military Zone (pp. 36–45)
Simon Clarke

Poverty or Power? The Native Responce to Roman Rule in the Fenland? (pp. 46–51)
Garrick Fincham

Constructing Romanitas: Roman Public Architecture and the Archaeology of Practice (pp. 52–58)
Louise Revell

Usurping the Urban Image: The Experience of Ritual Topography in Late Antique Cities of the Near East (pp. 59–71)
Richard Bayliss

A Pilgrimage Experience at Sacred Sites in Late Antique Anatolia (pp. 72–85)
Mark Jackson

Christianity and the End of Roman Britain (pp. 86–95)
David Petts

Identities and Cemeteries in Roman and Early Medieval Britain (pp. 96–107)
Howard Williams

Quoit Brooches and the Roman-Medieval Transition (pp. 108–120)
Geoff Harrison

Change or No Change? Revised Perceptions of Urban Transformation in Late Antiquity (pp. 121–130)
Anna Leone

And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time… Feet and Shoes as a Material Projection of the Self (pp. 131–140)
Carol van Driel-Murray

Soranus and the Pompeii Speculum: The Sociology of Gynaecology and Roman Perceptions of the Female Body (pp. 141–150)
Patricia Baker

The Dispersed Dead: Preliminary Observations on Burial and Settlement in Rural Roman Britain (pp. 151–162)
John Pearce

Ideological Biases in the Urban Archaeology of Rome: A Quantitative Approach (pp. 163–171)
Giovanni Ricci & Nicola Terrenato

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