TRAC 1999

TRAC 99: Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Durham 1999. Oxford: Oxbow Books (2000)
Edited by Garrick Fincham, Geoff Harrison, René Rogers Holland & Louise Revell

Front Matter and Editors’ Introduction (pp. i–x)

The Creation of Multiple Identities in Roman Italica (pp. 1–7)
Louise Revell

Illuminating Roman Britain (pp. 8–21)
Hella Eckardt

In Search of a Different Roman Period: The Finds Assemblage at the Newstead Military Complex (pp. 22–29)
Simon Clarke

Romanisation, Status and the Landscape: Extracting a Discrepant Perspective from Survey Data (pp. 30–36)
Garrick Fincham

Social Organisations within the Roman Army (pp. 37–43)
Andrew Pegler

Taberna Economics (pp. 44–52)
Ardle Mac Mahon

Roman Maritime Activities Around Britain: What is the Evidence and How Might it be Enhanced? (pp. 53–63)
Michael Walsh

Cattle, Culture, Status and Soldiers in Northern England (pp. 64–73)
Sue Stallibrass

Food, Ritual and Rubbish in the Making on Pompeii (pp. 74–82)
Mrina Ciaraldi & Jane Richardson

Wood, Masonry and the Construction of Identity: Comparing Southern Britain and Gaul, 4th to 7th Centuries (pp. 83–89)
Dominic Janes

From Periphery to Core in Late Antique Mauretania (pp. 90–103)
Alan Rushworth

The Application of GIS to the Study of Settlement Patterns: Silchester, a Case Study (pp. 104–117)
Devon Tully

Use of a GIS for Regional Archaeological Analysis: Application of Computer-based Techniques to Iron Age and Roman Settlement Distribution in North-West Portugal (pp. 118–141)
Kris Strutt

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