TRAC 2000

TRAC 2000: Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, London 2000. Oxford: Oxbow Books (2001)
Edited by Gwyn Davies, Andrew Gardner & Kris Lockyear

Front Matter and Editors’ Preface (pp. i–vi)

Representing the Romans in the Museum of Scotland (pp. 1–11)
David Clarke & Fraser Hunter

Representing Londinium: The Influence of Colonial and Post-Colonial Discourses (pp. 12–24)
Francis Grew

Writing Colonial Conflict, Acknowledging Colonial Weakness (pp. 25–34)
Garrick Fincham

Identities in the Late Roman Army: Material and Textual Perspectives (pp. 35–47)
Andrew Gardner

Medicine, Culture and Military Identity (pp. 48–68)
Patricia A. Barker

Siege Works, Psychology and Symbolism (pp. 69–79)
Gwyn Davies

Animal Iconographies: Metaphor, Meaning and Identity (or Why Chinese Dragons Don’t Have Wings (pp. 80–93)
Miranda J. Aldhouse Green

An Archaeology of Food: A Case Study From Roman Britain (pp. 94–103)
Gillian Hawkes

Small Finds: Problems and Possibilities (pp. 104–111)
Kelly Spradley

‘Romanisation’ and the Body (pp. 112–124)
Gilly Carr

Infants, Cemeteries and Communities in the Roman Provinces (pp. 125–142)
John Pearce

Unpicking a Myth: The Infanticide of Female and Disabled Infants in Antiquity (pp. 143–151)
Eleanor Scott

Playing Dead: Implications of Mortuary Evidence for the Social Construction of Childhood in Roman Britain (pp. 152–168)
Rebecca Gowland

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