TRAC 2001

TRAC 2001: Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Glasgow 2001. Oxford: Oxbow Books (2002)
Edited by Martin Carruthers, Carol van Driel-Murray, Andrew Gardner, Jason Lucas, Louise Revell & Ellen Swift

Front Matter and Editors’ Preface (pp. i–iv)

Considering Continuity of Deposition on Votive Sites in Northeastern France from 200 BC to AD 100 (pp. 1–12)
Imogen Wellington

Pots for Cash? A Critique of the Role of the ‘Free Market’ in the Late Roman Economy (pp. 13–23)
James Gerrard

A Topography of Death: The Buildings of the Emperor Maxentius on the Via Appia, Rome (pp. 24–33)
Lorraine Kerr

A Consumer Theory and Roman North Africa: A Post-Colonial Approach to the Ancient Economy (pp. 34–44)
Garrick Fincham

Wolves’ Nipples and Otters’ Noses? Rural Foodways in Roman Britain (pp. 45–50)
Gillian Hawkes

Material Culture Patterns and Cultural Change in South-West Britain (pp. 51–72)
Jason Lucas

Acculturation and the Temporal Features of Ritual Action (pp. 73–82)
Jake Weekes

Celts, Romans and the Coligny Calendar (pp. 83–95)
Cathy Swift

Regarding the Stars (pp. 96–103)
Carol van Driel-Murray

Measuring Time and Inventing History in the Early Empire: Roman and Germanic Perspectives (pp. 104–112)
Maureen Carroll

The Metamorphic Moment: Mythological and Heroic Narratives on Roman Sarcophagi (pp. 113–124)
Inge Lyse Hansen

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