TRAC 2002

TRAC 2002: Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Canterbury 2002. Oxford: Oxbow Books (2003)
Edited by Gillian Carr, Ellen Swift & Jake Weekes

Front Matter and Editors’ Preface (pp. i–v)

Seeking a Material Turn: The Artefactuality of the Roman Empire (pp. 1–13)
Andrew Gardner

An Empire in Pieces. Roman Archaeology and the Fragment (pp. 14–28)
Iain Ferris

Restoring Ontological Security: Roman and Native Objects in Early Roman Gallaecia (NW Iberia) (pp. 29–47)
Alfredo González-Ruibal

Transformation in Meaning: Amber and Glass Beads Across the Roman Frontier (pp. 48–57)
Ellen Swift

The Realms of Janus: Doorways in the Roman World (pp. 58–73)
Ardle Mac Mahon

Deconstructing the Frampton Pavements: Gnostic Dialectic in Roman Britain (pp. 74–83)
Dominic Perring

Becoming Consumers: Looking Beyond Wealth as an Explanation for Villa Variability (pp. 84–99)
Chris Martins

Late Roman Economic Systems: Their Implication in the Interpretation of Social Organization (pp. 100–112)
Paul Johnson

Creolisation, Pidginisation and the Interpretation of Unique Artefacts in Early Roman Britain (pp. 113–125)
Gillian Carr

Breaking Ground or Treading Water? Roman Archaeology and Constructive Implications of the Critique of Meta Narratives (pp. 126–139)
Stephanie Koerner

A Brief Comment on the TRAC Session Dedicated to the Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Roman Women (pp. 140–146)
Patricia A. Baker

Sex and the City: A Biocultural Investigation into Female Health in Roman Britain (pp. 147–170)
Rebecca Redfern

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