TRAC 2003

TRAC 2003: Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Leicester 2003. Oxford: Oxbow Books (2004)Edited by Ben Croxford, Hella Eckardt, Judy Meade & Jake Weekes

Front Matter and Editors’ Preface (pp. i–iv)

Samian and Consumer Choice in Roman London (pp. 1–15)
Gwladys Monteil

“I Drink, Therefore I am?” Pottery Consumption and Identity at Elms Farm, Heybridge, Essex (pp. 16–27)
Martin Pitts

Some Notes on Spoons and Mortaria (pp. 28–35)
H. E. M. Cool

Remembering and Forgetting in the Roman Provinces (pp. 36–50)
Hella Eckardt

Ephemeral Monuments and Social Memory in Early Roman Britain (pp. 51–61)
Howard Williams

Tomb Robbing and the Transformation of Social Memory in Roman Knossos (pp. 62–77)
Dimitris Grigoropulous

Prehistoric Landscapes of the Ouse Valley and Their Use in the Late Iron Age and Romano-British Period (pp. 78–89)
Judy Meade

“Heavier Burdens for Willing Shoulders”? Writing Different Histories, Humanities and Social Practices for the Romano-British Countryside (pp. 90–110)
Adrian M. Chadwick

Experienced Landscapes Through Intentional Sources (pp. 111–122)
Alessandro Launaro

Did Curse Tablets Work? (pp. 123–134)
Philip Kiernan

The Social Identity of Health in Late Roman Britain (pp. 135–146)
Rebecca Gowland

“The Camden Connection”: Revisiting the Origins of Romano-British Archaeology and its Historiography (pp. 147–156)
Leslie W. Hepple


  1. Daisy Everingham

    7 April, 2020

    Hello! I’m a final year history student at the University of Cambridge – I was trying to get access to the ‘Did Curse Tablets Work’ article for some research I’m doing. Normally I would access the book at university – but in the current climate this is not possible! The current drop box link cannot be found and if you could link this to me it would be much appreciated. Daisy

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