TRAC 2004

TRAC 2004: Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Durham 2004. Oxford: Oxbow Books (2005)
Edited by James Bruhn, Ben Croxford & Dimitris Grigoropoulos

Front Matter and Editors’ Preface (pp. i–vi)

The Economy of Roman Britain: Representation and Historiography (pp. 1–15)
Kevin Greene

Reconstructing Syntheses in Romano-British Cremation (pp. 16–26)
Jake Weekes

Metalworking and Late Roman Power: A Study of Towns in Late Roman Britain (pp. 27–38)
Adam Rogers

Not at Random. Evidence for a Regionalised Coin Supply? (pp. 39–49)
Fleur Kemmers

Regional Identities and the Social Use of Ceramics (pp. 50–64)
Martin Pitts

Social and Economic Aspects of Glass Recycling (pp. 65–78)
Daniel Keller

Interaction and Exchange in Food Production in the Nijmegen Frontier Area During the Early Roman Period (pp. 79–96)
Annemiek Robeerst

Brickworks and Ladders: Exploring Intra-Regional Diversity in the Enclosed Landscapes of the Parisi (pp. 97–108)
Mick Atha

Beyond the Temple: Blurring the Boundaries of ‘Sacred Space’ (pp. 109–118)
Eleanor Ghey

The Cupae of Iberia in their Monumental Contexts: A Study of the Relationship Between Social Status and Commemoration with Barrel-Shaped and Semi-Cylindrical Tombstones (pp. 119–132)
Charlotte Tupman

The Quick and the Dead in the Extra-Urban Landscape: the Roman Cemetery at Ostia/Portus as a Lived Environment (pp. 133–143)
E-J. Graham

Houses, GIS and the Micro-Topology of Pompeian Space (pp. 144–156)
Michael Anderson

Unifying Aspects of Roman Forts (pp. 157–162)
Mark Driessen

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