TRAC 2005

TRAC 2005: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Birmingham 2005. Oxford: Oxbow Books (2006)
Edited by Ben Croxford, Helen Goodchild, Jason Lucas & Nick Ray

Front Matter (pp. i–vi)

Late Roman Frontier Communities in Northern Britain: A Theoretical Context for the ‘End’ of Hadrian’s Wall (pp. 1–11)
Rob Collins

Romanization in Southern Epirus: A Ceramic Perspective (pp. 12–24)
Melissa Moore Morison

Consumption and Roman Archaeology: Beyond Pompeii (pp. 25–41)
Nick Ray

Modelling Roman Demography and Urban Dependency in Central Italy (pp. 42–56)
Helen Goodchild

Discarding the Destitute: Ancient and Modern Attitudes Towards Burial Practices and Memory Preservation Amongst the Lower Classes of Rome (pp. 57–72)
E-J. Graham

An Alleged Far West? The Romanisation of the Countryside in Western Gaul (pp. 73–82)
Cécilia Courbot-Dewerdt

Fertile Imaginations: Pastoralist Production and a New Interpretation of a Roman Period Relief Sculpture from Bath (pp. 83–98)
D. Martin Goldberg

Wild Animals and Domestic Animals in the Roman Sacrificial Ritual: Distinctions Between ‘Human’ and ‘Animal’ Animals? (pp. 99–110)
Günther Schörner

15 years of TRAC – Reflections on a Journey (pp. 111–115)
Eleanor Scott

21st Century TRAC: Is the Roman Battery Flat? (pp. 116–127)
Ray Laurence

The Future of TRAC (pp. 128–138)
Andrew Gardner

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