TRAC 2006

TRAC 2006: Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Cambridge 2006. Oxford: Oxbow Books (2007)
Edited by Ben Croxford, Nick Ray, Roman Roth & Natalie White

Front Matter (pp. i–vi)

Craft and Social Identity of Metalworkers in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt (pp. 1–16)
Mark Eccleston

Geographic Distribution and Architectural Characteristics of the Ancient Theatres in Modern Spain: A Structuralist Interpretation (pp. 17–33)
Zeynep Aktüre

The Bizarre Bazaar: Early Excavation in the Roman East and Problems of Nomenclature (pp. 34–42)
J. A. Baird

The Use of Amphorae for Interpreting Patterns of Consumption (pp. 43–58)
Mariana Egri

Chop and Change: Specialist Cattle Carcass Processing in Roman Britain (pp. 59–76)
Mark Maltby

A Local Barrow for Local People? The Ferry Fryston Cattle in Context (pp. 77–91)
David Orton

New Images for Old Rituals: Stelae of Saturn and Personal Cult in Roman North Africa (pp. 92–102)
Günther Schörner (translated by Roman Roth)

The Appearance of Health: The Symbolic Construction of the Healthy Body through Urban Cemetery Evidence from Late Iron Age and Early Roman Britain (pp. 103–114)
Angela Turner-Wilson

Catering for the Cultural Identities of the Deceased in Roman Britain: Interpretative Potential and Problems (pp. 115–132)
Natalie C. C. White

Amphora Burials and Burials with Amphorae: On the Reuse of Amphorae in the Northern Necropolis of Potentia (Porto Recanati, Marche) (pp. 133–149)
Patrick Monsieur

Subculture and Small Group Identity in Iron Age and Roman Baldock (pp. 150–171)
Keith J. Fitzpatrick-Matthews

Identities in Life and Death in Roman Britain: The Case of Baldock (pp. 172–182)
Judith Rosten

A Specific Problem? The Detection, Protection and Exploration of Romano-British Cremation Cemeteries through Competitive Tendering (pp. 183–191)
Jake Weekes

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