TRAC 2007

TRAC 2007: Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, London 2007. Oxford: Oxbow Books (2008)
Edited by C. Fenwick, M. Wiggins & D. Wythe

Front Matter (i–vi)

The Use of Prehistoric Ritual and Funerary Sites in Roman Spain: Discussing Tradition, Memory and Identity in Roman Society (pp. 1–13)
Leonardo García Sanjuán, Pablo Garrido González & Fernando Lozano Gómez

A critical approach to the concept of resistance: new ‘traditional’ rituals and objects in funerary contexts of Roman Baetica (pp. 15–30)
Alicia Jiménez

Searching for identity in Italian Landscapes (pp. 31–43)
Martin Sterry

Identity in the Frontier: Theory and Multiple Community Interfacing (pp. 45–52)
Rob Collins

Ethnicity and Conflict in the Roman Conquest of Spain (pp. 53–61)
Lyra D. Monteiro

Roman archaeology in an epoch of neoliberalism and imperialist war (pp. 63–73)
Neil Faulkner

Archaeology and the search for authenticity: Colonialist, Nationalist, and Berberist visions of an Algerian past (pp. 75–88)
Corisande Fenwick

Typological Studies of Ancient Roman Theatre Architecture in the Context of the Old and New Europe: The Tree vs. the Rhizome Model (pp. 89–107)
Zeynep Aktüre

Power, Architecture and Community in the Distribution of Honorary Statues in Roman Public Space (pp. 109–120)
Francesco Trifiló

Charon’s Obols? A case study in the role of coins in Roman Burial Ritual (pp. 121–130)
Lisa Brown

Developing the ‘Germani’ in Roman Studies (pp. 131–150)
Cheryl Louise Clay

Humour In Roman Archaeology (pp. 151–162)
Ben Croxford

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