TRAC 2010

TRAC 2010: Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Oxford 2010. Oxford: Oxbow Books (2011)
Edited by Dragana Mladenović & Ben Russell

Front Matter (pp. i–vi)

Interpreting a Ceramiscene Landscape – The Roman Pottery from the Nepi Survey Project (pp. 1–17)
Philip Mills & Ulla Rajala

In excelsissimo loco – An Approach to Poliadic Deities in Roman Colonies (pp. 18–31)
Marion Boos

Globalisation, Consumerism and the Ancient Roman Economy: A Preliminary Look at Bronze and Iron Production and Consumption (pp. 32–46)
Melissa L. Ratliff

Meaningful Insula: Bridging the Gap between Large and Small Scale Studies of Urban Living Conditions (pp. 47–58)
Heini Ynnilä

Doors in Domestic Space at Pompeii and Herculaneum: A Preliminary Study (pp. 59–75)
M. Taylor Lauritsen

Approaching Architectural Recycling in Roman and Late Roman Villas (pp. 76–88)
Beth Munro

Nineteenth-Century Labour Figures for Demolition: A Theoretical Approach to Understanding the Economics of Re-use (pp. 89–101)
Simon J. Barker

Cloth and Clothing from Cemeteries in Noricum (pp. 102–114)
Karina Grömer & Eva Hölbling-Steigberger

Pinning Down Identities: The Negotiation of Personhood and the Materialisation of Identity in the Late Iron Age and Early Roman Severn Estuary (pp. 115–131)
Caroline Pudney

British Emigrants in the Roman Empire: Complexities and Symbols of Ethnic Identities (pp. 132–154)
Tatiana Ivleva

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