TRAC 2011

TRAC 2011: Proceedings of the Twenty First Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Newcastle 2011. Oxford: Oxbow Books (2012)
Edited by Maria Duggan, Frances McIntosh & Darrell J. Rohl

Front Matter (pp. i–viii)

Introduction: The Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference Turns 21 (pp. 1–3)
Eleanor Scott

She Said ‘Emic’ (pp. 4–9)
Lindsay Allason-Jones

R. G. Collingwood – An Early Archaeological Theorist? (pp. 10–18)
Stephen Leach

Chorography: History, Thoery and Potential for Archaeological Research (pp. 19–32)
Darrell J. Rohl

Anthropological Perspectives on Colonialism, Globalisation and Rural Lifeways: Expanding the Limits of archaeological Interpretation in the Lower Rhineland (pp. 33–47)
Karim Mata

Knowledge Systems in the Production of Terra Sigilata. Moving Beyond the Local/Global Paradox (pp. 48–59)
Astrid van Oyen

The Devil is in the (Samian) Detail – Potters’ Stamps on Samian Ware and their Implications for the Roman Provincial Economy (pp. 60–75)
Meike Weber

On Cultural Selection: Examining the Process of Cultural Evolution through Funerary Evidence (pp. 76–90)
Edward Biddulph

Boundaries and Change: The Examination of the Late Iron Age-Roman Transition (pp. 91–104)
Nicky Garland

Sulpicia Lepidinia and Elizabeth Custer: A Cross-Cultural Analogy for the Social Role of Women on a Military Frontier (pp. 105–114)
Elizabeth M. Greene

Batavians on the Move: Emigrants, Immigrants and Returnees (pp. 115–122)
Carol van Driel-Murray

The Establishment of Urban Movement Networks: Devotional Pathways in Late Antique and Early Medieval Rome (pp. 123–134)
Michael Mulryan

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