TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeology

TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeology is a new publication series of monographs and thematic edited volumes published by Oxbow Books and curated by the TRAC Standing Committee. The series is designed to be a venue in which new ideas and theoretical developments within Roman Archaeology can be presented and debated, and offers an attractive opportunity for both early career researchers and established scholars to publish theoretically informed research on problems, themes, and emergent issues within the archaeology of the Roman world. All contributions undergo rigorous peer review by members of TRAC’s Advisory Panel as well as by other recognised subject specialists.


As TRAC has been at the forefront of theoretical developments in the field of Roman Archaeology over the last few decades, it is in an ideal position to continue the progression of the discipline by providing a publication series focused on the development and dissemination of theoretical approaches used to interpret the archaeology of the Roman World. Given the recent upsurge in the application of diverse and progressive theoretical approaches, the need for a publication series that allows for the collation and discussion of such advances has never been more pressing. This series also aims to act as sounding board, allowing for the most recent and developing theoretical approaches to be collected, tested, and distilled in one publication, thereby making them available to a wider audience.



Each volume in this series will focus on a particular theme, problem, or theoretical perspective. Volumes may be single-authored, co-authored, or an edited collection of papers, but each must be relevant, critically engage with theory, and offer a high level of research excellence. While themed volumes can be derived from sessions at TRAC events, potential contributions need not have presented at a TRAC conference or workshop to submit or be included in a proposal. In sum, no matter what stage of your career, the TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeology Series intends to function as a primary venue for the publication of excellent book-length manuscripts and thematically coherent collections of papers that demonstrate a commitment to the role of theory in Roman-period archaeological research.




The first volume in the series, ‘Romans’ and ‘Barbarians’ Beyond the Frontiers: Archaeology, Ideology & Identities in the North (edited by Sergio Gonzalez Sanchez and Alexandra Guglielmi) is available to purchase from Oxbow Books.

The second volume in the series, Material Approaches to Roman Magic: Occult Objects and Supernatural Substances (edited by Adam Parker and Stuart McKie) is available to purchase from Oxbow Books.


Proposals Welcome

The series welcomes scholarly monographs and edited volumes in English by early-career researchers and established scholars. Please note that only PhD theses that strongly engage with theory will be considered and that this series is not intended to facilitate the publication of excavation reports or catalogues of archaeological material.


Series Editors

The TRAC Standing Committee

Currently comprised of: Dr Matthew Mandich, Dr Lisa Lodwick, Thomas Derrick, Dr Sergio Gonzalez Sanchez, and Dr Francesca Mazzilli


Submitting a Proposal and Further Information

For any questions regarding the series, publication process, or to enquire about submitting a proposal please contact the series editors at:

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