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TRAJ is a new open access journal hosted by the Open Library of Humanities (OLH) (

The Theoretical Roman Archaeology Journal (TRAJ) provides a venue for innovative and interdisciplinary research in the field of Roman Archaeology. The journal promotes the use of theoretical approaches to the Roman past and facilitates fresh interpretations of datasets, rather than solely the presentation of archaeological data. Furthermore, it is designed to include and interact with the disciplines of Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History, as well as the Biological Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences in an interdisciplinary fashion. As a publication outlet the annual TRAC Proceedings have long been at the forefront of Roman Archaeology regarding engagement in current theory and practice, and TRAJ will continue to lead the field in this capacity. The journal’s geographic focus is the whole of the Roman world, including areas beyond the frontiers where Roman influence was evident. The journal’s temporal scope is from the Bronze Age to the Late Antique period; however, the subject of most contributions will usually range from the third century BC to the fifth century AD.

The benefits of submitting your paper to TRAJ include:

  • Full open access from day one of publication – open access means anyone with access to the internet can read your article. Studies have shown that open access leads to increased citation, as well as enabling Roman archaeologists without institutional library access to read and cite your work.
  • Retain copyright of your work and choose from a range of Creative Commons licensing (
  • Rigorous peer review
  • High quality presentation in .xml format
  • Robust digital preservation through the CLOCKSS scholarly archive service and DOIs
  • Strong discoverability through a range of indexing channels
  • Scholarly annotations of articles, enabling readers to highlight, annotate and comment on articles
  • Easy-to-share social media buttons and article level metrics
  • Zero author-facing charges, as the OLH platform covers its costs by payments from an international library consortium

Papers will be selected for the journal on the basis of a double-blind peer review process. Reviewers are primarily drawn from the TRAC Advisory Panel; however, other subject specialists will also be called upon to review submitted papers.

Articles will be published individually online once the peer-review and copy-editing processes are completed. Throughout the review process priority will be given to papers presenting original archaeological research (focussed on the Roman period) that incorporates a significant theoretical element.

TRAJ will be open for general submission, and also publish papers derived from the annual conference and/or other TRAC events. The TRAJ website will be launched in summer 2017.

TRAJ Volume 1 (2018) is currently in progress. The Call for Papers for TRAJ Volume 2 (2019) will be announced in spring 2018.

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TRAJ Editorial Committee:

Thomas J. Derrick (University of Leicester)

Dr Sergio Gonzalez Sanchez (University of Leicester)

Dr Lisa Lodwick (Editor-in-Chief) (University of Oxford)

Dr Matthew J. Mandich (University of Leicester)

Dr Francesca Mazzilli (Cambridge Archaeological Unit)


TRAJ v.1  (2018) Guest Editors:

Emily Hanscam (Durham University)

Jonathan Quiery (Durham University)


TRAJ Advisory Committee:

Prof. Susan Alcock (Brown University)
Dr John Creighton (University of Reading)
Dr Ben Croxford (Merseyside HER)
Dr Hella Eckardt (University of Reading)
Dr Andrew Gardner (University College London)
Prof. Richard Hingley (Durham University)
Prof. David Mattingly (University of Leicester)
Prof. Martin Millett (University of Cambridge)
Dr Louise Revell (University of Southampton)
Dr Darrell J. Rohl (Canterbury Christ Church University)
Dr Eleanor Scott (TRAC founder)
Dr Naomi Sykes (University of Nottingham)
Prof. Nicola Terrenato (University of Michigan)
Dr Astrid Van Oyen (Cornell University)
Prof. Miguel J. Versluys (Universiteit Leiden)
Dr Jane Webster (University of Newcastle)
Dr Robert Witcher (Durham University)

TRAC is the organisation behind the annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, TRAC Workshops, TRAC Proceedings (1991-2016), and the TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeology series. This site is maintained by the TRAC Standing Committee. Contact us for further details or inquiries.

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