TRAC 2020

The 30th Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference

Split, Croatia (Thursday 16 April – Saturday 18 April 2020)

The conference will run alongside the Roman Archaeology Conference (RAC)

The Call for Papers/Posters and Workshops is now Open!

The full RAC/TRAC Conference schedule will be announced in December 2019 when registration will open. 

Sessions will include:

1. Cross-craft interaction in the Roman World
2. Dark Landscapes: Research Strategies in Remote Sensing and Modelling
3. Ethical Challenges in Roman Archaeology
4. What happens when we dig big: recent work on huge datasets in Roman Archaeology
5. The Roman Food System: Rethinking the Global and the Local
6. Critical Globalisation: A Theoretical Framework for the 'Crisis' of the 3rd Century
7. ‘The Reach of Rome’:copying and imitating material culture and practices in the Roman-period provinces
8. Roman Subaltern Studies: Highlighting Subalterns' Signs in the Archaeological Record
9. “We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!” How to operationalise marginality in Roman archaeology
10. From trench to press
11. Romanists Assemble: Collaboration in the past and present
12. From Globalization to Glocalization: Exploring Provincial Identities under Rome's Globalising Empire
13. Theorizing Ethnic Economies in the Roman Empire (SDEP sponsored panel)
14. Trade and Connectivity in the Adriatic and its Hinterlands
15. Sustainable urbanism in the Roman World: settlement, environment and economy
16. The Fabric of Empire: Current Approaches to Researching Roman Stone and Ceramic Building Material


NB: The RAC Call for Papers is also now open and available here: 

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