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TRAC is pleased to announce the start of a new webinar series. All webinars will take place Tuesdays at 17:00 (UK Time) over zoom. We are aiming to have the majority of our webinars recorded, which can be found on our TRAC YouTube channel.

*The CFP for our 2021-2022 webinar series will be circulated later this summer.




Date (* available on Youtube), Speaker and Title Number of Registrations Number of Attendees % attendance rate
November 3

Dr. Chiara Bonacchi – Contemporary Populist Nationalism and Roman ‘Myths’

104 86 82.7
*November 17

Dr. Tomáš Glomb – The popularity of Asclepius in times of the Antonine and Cyprian plague: A quantitative approach

 57 38 66.7
*December 1

Jessica Venner – Supply and Demand: Rise of the ‘Opportunistic Garden’ in Mid-First Century AD Pompeii

86 61 70.9
*December 15

Jordon Houston – Exotics for Entertainment: A Reconstruction

60 43 71.7
*January 5

Arnau Lario Devesa – Connecting the past. The application of Network Science in the study of Roman amphorae

65 45 69.2
*January 19

Dr. Francesca Fulminante – Infancy and Childhood in Pre-Roman and Roman Italy (1000 BC – 100 AD): data and perspectives to inform current polity in health and education

56 36 64.3
*February 2

Giuseppina Marano – Another “face of God”. The representation of the God-Altar in the Near-Eastern Roman Era between Onomastics and Archaeology

28 17 60.7
*February 16

Lindsey Mazurek – Deterritorializing Isis: Egyptian Religion and Globalization in Roman Macedonia

55 31 56.4
*March 2

Marta Alberti – Public archaeology of the Roman Frontier- from diggers to volunteers on Hadrian’s Wall and beyond

68 47 69.1
March 30

Dr. J. Troy Samuels et al. – Reimagining Urban Success: Rhythms of activity at Gabii, Italy, 800 BC – AD 600

45 27 60
*April 13

Goran Đurđević – What is reflection? Mirrors and reflection in the global antiquities: comparison between Roman and Qin – Han Empire

35 21 60
*April 27

Maria C. Monteleone – Introducing archaeo-hydraulics as an archaeological science: new perspectives into the study of water structures

51 29 58.8


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